#SOL The Finale


It’s the final day of March,
the final day of the challenge,
the final day of Spring Break.
I made it, writing all thirty-one days.

It’s the final stretch of the school year,
the final chance to inspire students,
The final marking period.
We made it, two-thirds of the way.

It’s my final year in room 202,
My final months in fifth-grade here,
My final moments in a job I love.
I’m nearing the finish line here.

I know the days and weeks ahead will be filled with memories, celebrations and some tears. My students will be leaving the familiarity of their elementary school at the end of the year as they move on to middle school. I will be leaving the familiarity as well, hoping to find a position in a new school, in a new state, where I can continue to teach. It’s the last act before the final curtain falls. Our finale in room 202. Soon we will take our final bows, wave goodbye and head out. New adventures and  new experiences await.





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