#SOL Cookies in the Classroom

Yesterday I made cutout sugar cookies. cookiesI used some new cutters we had found at a small
knife and chef supply store on Fullerton Street that we wandered into while spending time in Chicago. A seahorse, a conch shell, and an angelfish all made their debut. It’s not often anymore that I make cookies. I’ll make them at Christmas, and sometimes for Easter. I once made them for birthday treats, holiday parties at school or special classroom treats. Our district no longer allows food treats, so I can’t bring them in for my students either. Our kids are both grown now, and my husband and I do our best to keep away from too many sweets. (Well, we try to anyway.)

My daughter teaches near St. Louis. It’s her second year there. Her school still allows homemade treats, so these cookies will be heading to St. Louis for her class. They have been studying the ocean, so my new shapes are perfect! I’ll be heading south with them too, spending a few days in her room since it’s my spring break. (She spent Thursday and Friday with my class this past week since it was her break.) Her students don’t have much compared to mine. They all receive breakfast and lunch at school. Some have food packed in backpacks for the weekend. It’s a very different reality. That’s why homemade treats are still allowed. It’s something they don’t often get.

I always learn from my trips to her school and the opportunity to work with her students. I think she learns from her visits to my school too. We share ideas and stories. We both teach 5th grade. Fifth graders are more similar than different. I wish all of our children had the resources they need to thrive. I know my cookies will sweeten up their day, I just wish I could do more for these students.

6 thoughts on “#SOL Cookies in the Classroom

  1. franmccrackin says:

    There are so many things to love in this post. First- the cookies are gorgeous, and how did you get the swirly green effect on the fish?!!
    Most important is the sharing about teaching you can do with your daughter- very special. And the way you have “adopted” her class and show them you care about them.
    I have a teacher friend who moved and is teaching less advantaged children now. I “adopted” her class and have sent them blank books to publish their writing in, and a box of used books to add to their library. Very little on my part, but I love the feeling of having them know that someone somewhere else cares about them and their learning. And it keeps me close to my friend, like you stay close to your daughter.

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    • dandre3 says:

      Thanks for the comment. I made icing with powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. Then for each set I poured some in a saucer added two different drops of food coloring, swirling with a toothpick before dipping each cookie. I love that you share with a less fortunate class too.


  2. Tim Gels says:

    Cookies are always such a treat–it’s too bad you can’t take them for your own students. I think it’s extremely cool that you and your daughter spend time in each other’s classroom. That is so neat, and I’ll be your students love it!

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