#SOL It’s a Rainy Saturday

It’s a rainy Saturday, our pond is alive with activity.
Canadian geese and a few blue-winged teals swim.
A muskrat carries branches to and fro, building a summer home.
The trees sway in the breeze, waving branches with new buds.
The grass glistens and seems to be a bit greener.
The hyacinth and daffodils are sprouting, getting ready to bloom.

It’s a rainy Saturday, gray skies and steady precipitation.
Yesterday the temperatures soared to 80°.
The sun was bright and we spent extra time outside enjoying the warmth.
Today the temperatures have dropped to the 40°s.
We’re headed to Chicago for the day since our daughter is home.
We will be walking in the rain as we enjoy time in the city.

It’s a rainy Saturday, rain is important in Spring.
I may wish for sunshine, however without rain there would be:
No pond with waterfowl, no muskrat,
No flowers or green grass.
It’s a rainy Saturday, but we will make the best of it.
It is a Saturday without the schedule of a weekday.


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