#SOL Spring

Deer crossed my path as I drove out of my subdivision this morning as the sun was just beginning to rise. While we see deer occasionally in the field behind our house, I have not had them cross the street in front of me before. I think they were as surprised as I was, they stopped in the park and watch me drive by. Seeing them active lets me know Spring is here.

The temperatures creeped up to the 40°s today and the sun was shining all day. The snow has melted with the rise in temperature and will soon be a memory. Was it really only a week ago that the ground was covered? Feeling warmer as I walked to my car let me know Spring is here.

Geese are swimming on the pond behind our house. Red-Wing Black birds are visiting our feeder in droves as they migrate to their summer homes. The birds all seem to be singing as they fly to and fro. Hearing them lets me know Spring is here.

Welcome Spring! It’s nice that you are here again.


3 thoughts on “#SOL Spring

  1. showgem says:

    Nothing like the sight of robins and iris bulbs popping out of the ground reaching for the sun. It was 60 degrees when I left school today in Connecticut. Spring is on its way.


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