#SOL Civil War Simulation

After learning about events leading to the Civil War, my class began a five-week Civil War simulation this week. Reading, writing, movie clips, inquiry and “flourish” activities (this week it’s marching and drilling complete with handmade regiment flags) are all incorporated as we travel through 1861 – 1865. I also read picture books related to this historic period.

Students take on the personalities of Union or Confederate Soldiers. Tomorrow we will play 1861 Jeopardy, reviewing key ideas. just as was true during this period, there are more northerners than southerners. Students gain points for their team by turning in homework on time, transitioning, walking in the hall quietly and helping their regiment. Right now the South is ahead, the North is a bit discouraged with their standing, but there’s time and just as in the real Civil War, the tide could change.

The best part of the simulation is students are engaged, they care, the work together and are willing to help. They talk about their adventures and misadventures at school and at home. Our simulation brings this period of history to life for students.


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