#SOL My favorite Writing Consultant and another Marigold

I’ve know Dr. Peggy Allen for about ten years. She’s been a writing consultant in ourPeggy district, helping us become better writing teachers.  Each year she spends time at all four of the schools in our district after our Fall and Winter benchmarking, helping us score our District Writing Assessments. I’ve learned so much from her and how to look at student writing, creating goals and working toward improvement. Not only does she provide advice and encouragement, she also cares about kids. You can see her passion in her work.

My 5th grade team met with her this morning as we reviewed our DWAs and the scores we had marked. Focus, Support, Organization, Conventions and an overall score are part of this timed assessment. It’s just one snapshot, but it’s rewarding to see the progress students make from Fall to Winter. Each of my students either met or exceeded expectations. In the fall five of my students were approaching and none exceeded.  This time eight exceeded and the rest met. I’ll be conferring with each student, setting new goals and celebrating success. Peggy is a part of this celebration. She has helped me become a better writing teacher, coaching and encouraging me along the way, becoming a friend too. That’s why she’s a marigold in my garden.


3 thoughts on “#SOL My favorite Writing Consultant and another Marigold

  1. angelafaulhaber says:

    These kinds of relationships are priceless. I’m so glad that you have someone in your life who motivates you so much and allows you to reach your best potential. And congratulations on your students’ successes!


  2. lvahey says:

    How awesome that your district invests in long-term relationships with consultants. Marigolds make the world a better place! Be sure to share this post with her!


  3. paisanoblogblog says:

    What a beautiful slice! Finale, you are a great teacher of writing because you are an amazing writer yourself. It is so nice to know that Peggy is appreciated. Thank you for sharing your Marigold with us.


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