#SOL The Marigold Effect Day 1

A while back I read this from http://www.cultofpedagogy.com

Many experienced gardeners follow a concept called companion planting: placing certain vegetables and plants near each other to improve growth for one or both plants. For example, rose growers plant garlic near their roses because it repels bugs and prevents fungal diseases. Among companion plants, the marigold is one of the best: It protects a wide variety of plants from pests and harmful weeds. If you plant a marigold beside most any garden vegetable, that vegetable will grow big and strong and healthy, protected and encouraged by its marigold.

Marigolds exist in our schools as well – encouraging, supporting and nurturing growing teachers on their way to maturity. If you can find at least one marigold in your school and stay close to them, you will grow. Find more than one, and you will positively thrive.

Throughout my career I have found several marigolds. I hope I’ve also nurtured others and helped them grow. Surrounding yourself with positive, dedicated, caring people makes a world of difference. I’ve decided to spend some time reflecting on my marigolds. I plan to write about some in my posts during SOL.Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 8.06.28 PM

I met Ann about three years ago. She works with me every morning as my classroom assistant. She is positive, encouraging and makes me laugh. She provides feedback on lessons and student work. We greet our students every morning as they arrive with smiles and laughter. Sometimes we are silly. She embraces ideas like being “Daisy-Head Mazey” for Dr. Seuss’s birthday, wearing matching “ugly” sweaters in December, and celebrating Pi Day with Pumpkin Pi shirts. She’s one of my marigolds because she believes in me, makes my smile, and is always willing to go above and beyond to support me. Here’s to Ann.

Tomorrow, I’ll share another marigold, building my garden day by day.


2 thoughts on “#SOL The Marigold Effect Day 1

  1. kathyschuitema says:

    What a wonderful idea! I have read this article about marigolds in schools as well, and it would be great to write about my marigolds. It’s a great encouragement to find the marigolds all around us.


  2. lsmith0917 says:

    I love the marigold story! I shared this story with all of our new teachers this year. Such a powerful message, and I love how you are highlighting those near and dear to you.


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