March 2nd and Seuss #SOL

Today was Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we celebrated by reading a few of his books. I dressed as Daisy Head Mazy, an easy and inexpensive costume to commemorate the day. (Hairband and Daisy with wire stem attached) My assistant, being a good sport, wore a daisy in her hair as well. The looks from students as we greeted them outside our door was priceless. Smiles and laughter filled our day.

As a child I read so many Seuss books. The pictures were playful and there was always a lesson to daisylearn. My fifth graders still enjoy the stories, even the high school senior who comes in as an intern every other afternoon seemed to enjoy revisiting these glorious stories. Oh how I love being able to relive fond childhood memories, be a little silly and share my love of Seuss too.

Oh, the places I been,
Teaching elementary kids,
Now and then.

Oh, the fun that I’ve had,
Guiding young minds,
Makes me glad.






7 thoughts on “March 2nd and Seuss #SOL

  1. ebgriffin says:

    It’s such fun to celebrate reading by celebrating the playful and clever work of Dr. Suess. Our school was filled with red, black, and white today. We hosted Readers Theater performances, had guest readers, paired up with buddy classes to read, and even had a teacher dance performance as part of our Whole School Meeting. The kids (and teachers) loved it. Teaching and learning should be filled with this kind of high energy every day!

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  2. Mindi Rench says:

    I really missed the Seuss boat this year. Coming from a whole different world, I had no idea this day was such a big deal. Seeing you (and all the other Seuss-y folks) around Greenbriar made my heart happy today.

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