Finale in Fifth

This is my tenth year in fifth grade. It is also my finale. I’ve worked in three different school districts as a teacher and technologist as well as spending just over a year working as the training director for an educational software company. I’ve conducted workshops for educators and even served asĀ an adjunct professor. My teaching career began at a small school where I worked with 5th – 8th grade and was the Social Studies Department, basketball and track coach, and also directed two musicals. After two years, I left for a larger school district where I taught 5th grade, 3rd grade and then served as the instructional technology specialist for grades K – 5. By the time I left I had a masters in Instructional Technology and went on to spend a year and a half working for an educational software company as the training director before returning to another school district when my daughter began kindergarten where I was the Instructional technology coach for thirteen years before returning to the classroom to once again teach fifth grade. I love what I do, well most of the time anyway. This blog will serve to record my journey during my last year in Room 202. The curtain is about to open and my fifth grade finale is at hand.